Thursday, February 25, 2010

General Brown Bear & his trusted Bull Dog

Wow..did this set come out really awesome. This is my jumbo size bear and he comes with the vintage bull dog too!
I found this really great vintage doll coat which fit him perfect accept for a little altering at the bottom. It looked so much like a military jacket that it was begging for some vintage and antique pins/medals. So I added a few from my little stash :)
During his photoshoot I put one of my vintage dogs, from my private collection, in there for a prop....but because they totally looked perfect together I decided I would include him with the bear. The bulldog is all orginal and all I did was add a piece of rusty chain. The colors from the dog and bear just blend perfectly if they were always together from the start :)
They come as a set and are now available on ebay. Just click my ebay button on the side to check out lots more photos and details.


Shi_pa said...

The general of sandy open-cast mines...We have this song:)

Doreen said...

He's wonderful Wendy!!!