Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zee Brah & Juraf......Now Available!

I just listed these two fantastic pieces on ebay....each with a NO reserve and the auction is a 3-day (ends sunday) .... so hopefully it could be under your tree on Christmas morn! The Juraf is really old looking and he wears a large antique skeleton key......of course I had to name him "Key to My Heart"! If you like old & primitive ... then this guy is a must for your collection.The Zee Brah is in my little size.... insanely Adorable! I love this size.....they fit anywhere! I love to place them in trunks with antique toys & dollies. Nobody will ever know that they are newly made.....they truly do look & feel like antique toys!

So pop on over to my ebay auction listings and check them out........ I have tons of pictures and descriptions to see more.......Good Luck in your bidding!


vivian said...

Whendi.. you rock! these are of course.. awesome!

Turnip creator said...

I've just come across your amazing toys today, and they just blow me away!!!! They are so cute with a nice antique look to them as well!

love'ka said...

Beautiful toys!!!

Galina said...

I love your toys!!!!!