Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Scenes at My House

Welcome to my house. Here is one of the horse corral gates......... the boys have to be festive too! I even put a lighted wreath on the barn door :)

The boys. Cody, Garret & Jack.
The view of my house from the horse corral.

A decorated railing....

The big's a real one.

My front door....

My very old nativity set given to me by my grandmother. I do believe it is made of chalkware.

My kitchen table centerpiece I put together this weekend. Went into the woods and cut a few pine branches set them inside a wooden tray with a real pineapple and some candles......a really nice natural look.

And of course, I finished up my fabulous decorated sugar cookies.....Christmas just wouldn't be complete without them :)

Well, I still have wrapping, more last minute shopping and preparation of the Christmas dinner. We skip the traditional turkey and always do our version of "meatball on a wick" sandwiches with some spaghetti or lasagna. The sandwich comes from a little restaurant called Santasiero's and is located on the westside of Buffalo, New York. It's been there since 1921 and the decor hasn't really changed much since then either.. LOL! I have been going there since my childhood and my parents have been going there since their childhood. They grew up in Buffalo. Everytime we visit relatives, we have to stop and eat at what we always call, "Lafayette & Niagara" cuz it's located on the corner of those streets :) ....if you ever get over in that part of the planet.....this is a MUST place to stop and grab a won't be disappointed in their food!


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Your Place Looks So Festive ~ Merry Christmas to All ~

PG said...

What super decorations! I'm very taken with your nativity scene, which IS chalkware - I had an angel exactly like yours, and for years I kept it perched on a picture frame, thinking it was old, hard plastic. One year it fell onto the fireplace and smashed...I spent all day trawling the internet (chalkware is not common in the UK) and eventually found one almost the same on US eBay. So the second angel is displayed very carefully indeed! A happy Christmas to you and your gorgeous little creations, from icey England.

Inn Country said...

I love your Christmas Tree it looks just beautiful. Today is christmas in Australia and My wonderful husband has given me the gift of buying one of your wonderful bears. He knows how much I love them and have alway wanted to buy one. Hopefully you will ship to Australia and secondly will you do a custom order for me. Merry Christmas Lisa

pussman said...

Waw, the tree is a real beauty!
Happy New year to you and your family and lots off bear making fun!
Hugs X