Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Got A Simple Little Bear Up For Adoption!

I love the color of this little guy! It is very much like a mix between an old soft blue, an old gray & a tiny pinch of soft turned out fabulous....but unfortunately I don't have enough of this color to make another :) Anyhow, this little guy is now for sale on ebay and could get to you by Christmas :)

He is in my teacup size....a perfect little fella to give to that someone special ;)
You can click on the ebay button on my sidebar to see him. Well, back to work....lots more to do and no time to do it...ack!


vivian said...

OH mY GOSH! AdorabLE!!

heidi said...

Wendy he is lovely,i love the colour it reminds me of the sea & i love anything to do with the coast!
still awaiting the arrival of my little chap,he must be getting close now. x