Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Pink Carnival JURAF !!!!!

I just finished up my second smaller cabinet size Juraf....and thought I would try a different funky color.... something totally unique and fresh!
A Giraffe with old pinkish-red spots..... he turned out so cool and very very old looking. He reminds me of the vintage carnival chalkware figurines! A great piece for any antique toy collector indeed :) He is now on ebay if you want to see more pics...... his auction will end this Sunday in case you want to get in any bids.... I don't have a reserve on him either!

Oh , and please do check out all those books I have on ebay as well..... they are priced to sell! I still have tons more to sell but I just needed to take a break from sorting & stuff........ Tell your friends too :)


vivian said...

whendi he is sooo precious... Sometimes I dont even know what to say about your creations. They are all so perfectly wonderful! anyone who owns one is so very lucky! One of these days, I'm going to be lucky and have one too.. maybe a little juraf.. maybe a little pug.. but my life just wont be complete til I do! ( thats just a little dramatic.. but I just love them all!)

PG said...

Just awesomely adorable! If I wasn't a starving artist I'd be in there like a shot.

TamboinMO said...

He is adorable, and he looks like he's been loved for yeaaaaaars. I think that is what is most appealing about your animals...that "loved up" look that they have.

Sarah said...

Hi Whendi,
I love your Juraf! His pink spots are just perfect!

Colleen said...

oh he is so sweet...I'm sorry I missed his auction. ;--(