Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movie Trailer

WOW....had to share....this will be A MUST SEE!


Cheryl said...

Ohhhhhh! That looks GREAT! I didn't even know about it--thanks for sharing this on your blog.

April Dawn said...

Doesn't it look fabulous? I've been telling everyone to watch it and have seen it myself about four times now. I love Tim Burton's work and this looks like it's going to be great. Kinda a bummer that it won't be out until March though! I thought for sure they would have it out in time for Christmas....sigh!

Darlene said...

As soon as I heard Tim Burton was doing this I told everyone I knew! Can hardly wait for it to come out.Love Alice,love Tim's work, this will be great!

Wendy Wintersgill said...

My middle name is alice......in wonderland,Im so excited......Thanks for sharing Wendy......Hope your doing okay...your work is bearylicious..I love your multy colored elephont on etsy........I missed out again!!love and bearhugs wendy barkerbears.blogspot.com