Sunday, July 19, 2009


Do you enjoy reading? Want a few books to read over the lazy summer afternoons or even the long cold winter nights?? Well, as you know, I'm still going through my Mom's house. She loved to read...I mean loved it! We have over 500 books (not kidding) to sell and they are mostly brand new or in perfect condition.

I am going to try to sell some on ebay.... multiple book lots too. I'll probably try to group them by author. So if you want to get some great deals on books that are in mint condition.....just pop on over to my ebay auctions. OR just send me an email if you are interested in books! They are mostly hardcovers too. She belonged to several book clubs.

This bunch is on ebay right now ..... they are all brand new never read hardcover books. These are the kind of books I will be selling. Although some I have are paperbacks too.
So check back often!

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