Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Panda & ToY Elephant Set.......

What I have been working on....... I used up the last of my fabulous old hand dyed black mohair......and made a black & cream panda clown bear. I found that black is one of the hardest colors to either comes out gray or purple :) so when I finally got it right I unfortunately didn't use a vary large piece ... ack!

I had this adorable little vintage toy elephant in my collection and decided he was the perfect friend for the panda. When I made his clown ruff I even tried to match up the colors with the elephant...I think they match great!

This little elephant used to be a vintage finger puppet but I altered his blue top and made little legs...stuffed him with wood wool and .... viola! The most CUTEST little guy ever!!!

I am offering them on EBAY right now as a 1 day auction with no if you want to see lots more pics & details.....just click on the ebay button on the sidebar.


Prim's by Kim said...

God has instilled some really wonderful talent into those little hands of yours =D

PG said...

Utterly lovely - again - though my heart is still gone to the Guraffe!

(Thanks so much for visiting me and adding me to your links (naturally I've popped you in mine). I have a feeling we might even already be contacts on Flickr?)

vivian said...

Sometimes I'm just afraid to come here.. cause I want every single thing you make!
the panda is awesome (so is the elephant!)