Friday, May 15, 2009

Cleaning Studio ~ Vintage Goodies For Sale

Phew...I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning in my studio in between sewing. It's nice to take a bit of a break from sewing and try to organize the space.
Like a said in my recent "Vintage Goodies" blog post....I have way too many wonderful vintage supplies and unfortunately I will never get around to using all of them.

So I am selling lots of props, supplies and goodies in my ETSY shop ! I have priced everything very reasonable so take advantage..... if you buy mulitple items I will definately combine shipping costs to save you $$$$
If you have been looking around for some wonderful vintage cases, trunks and containers to display some of your collection....then come on over and check the Etsy shop out :)

Of course, my bears & giraffe is not included with the items....I just wanted to show you a sample of some display ideas.....

Keep a lookout for more items to come.........


vivian said...

god... I love that juraf!

SweetAnnee said...

I hope I didn't miss any goodies..
RUNNING there now!!


SweetAnnee said...

WAAAHHH I did miss most of it..