Friday, June 22, 2012

NEW DESIGN.....A 1960's RETRO Inspired Design!

Introducing my NEWEST DESIGN & creation..... the little Pity Puppy!  Inspired by the art of the 1960's artist Gig with his sweet big sad eye paintings of puppies & kitties!  I adore them so much that I had to make my own rendition of these characters.
Do any of you guys remember these prints?  I had some of them hanging on my walls when I was a little girl and also had the puzzles.

You can see I did this chap from one of the prints....I think I captured him.  This piece is smaller than anything I have made in the past.  And has a ton of details such as eyelids and a much smaller snout and jowls, he even has wired ears plus I gave him a white pupil glare on his eye ;)  He is fully hardware jointed and is now available on ebay....3-day auction style .... NO reserve.  I tell you it is really hard to part with this little won't be disappointed in this piece!


Daria Vistavna said...

How you doing this!??? Fantastic!!!

Mäsywi-Bären said...

yes Fantastic!!! i love this dog, and i love his big eyes!!! wonderful

les Lily'z bears said...

A very beautiful Look ! I love this tiny dog