Friday, October 8, 2010

An iTTY-BiTTY PinK BuLL DaWG !!!

Phew...I finally got around to creating one of my oldest designs that I created a few years back, into an iTTY-BiTTY.....and he really turned out cute and very old looking! I haven't made one of these designs in awhile, so he is a pretty rare piece ;) I decided to go with the old pink whimsical color and make him a really shabby old cottage style. These little iTTY-BiTTY's are just so darn cute!
Also Sunday is the PFATT Marketplace update and I will have a wonderful old piece available. Hint: If you like old primitive style then you will like this piece...I even did it in rare color be sure to check out all the artists offerings. If you are interested in purchasing it...then send me an email.


pussman said...

I love that pink color for a dog a lot!!

Aнна Герасимова said...

He's so lovely!

lapappilon said...

ohhhhh, so sweet!
I like it!

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet.
I like the colors.

vivian said...

too cute for words! Love him!
have a great week

SweetAnnee said...

He wants to come live with me.
I am going to check him out
If he's itty bitty..maybe I can
adopt him


SweetAnnee said...

When will pinkman be offered???
and where??

Wendy said...

So sorry Deena, Pinkman was on ebay last weekend and sold on Monday.