Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another NEW DESIGN..... a little PaiNT PoNY !!!

I can't explain it ? I have had the urge to keep creating new designs lately. I'm certainly not complaining....in fact, I'm rather enjoying it.....I mean, I have been under alot of stress lately and by channeling my stess into designing....I think I have started to "decompress" a bit ;) So I'll just stay on the ride until my brain has reached 'overload'.....LOL

Anyhow, as many of you know, I love horses....in fact, I own 3 horses and they are part of my family....they are my boys ;) So naturally, I would eventually have to make one. I actually did make one awhile back ...around the time I did my Zebra. But I wasn't happy with the materials to use for a mane (neck hair). I didn't want to use the conventional material such as yarn, fur, etc. I wanted something really unique & original...something that would fit in my whimsical style. I finally found that material.....it was so simple.....I used vintage ribbon that I aged & distressed for a really dreamy look & feel. And I even attached it to the neck with a vintage button (similar to my butin-bini ears).....so that it can swivel a little bit on the neck and you can create different looks .....very cool indeed :0
Well, here is my first paint pony, and I did her in my iTTY-BiTTY size too! She is all hand tinted to look like a paint horse.
She is for sale right now on ebay as a 3-day auction style with no reserve. So click on over there and check her out...I have tons of pictures .
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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SweetCandyDreams said...

amazig, you are very talented nd you have incredible imagination!