Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing an iTTY-BiTTY ELLYFONT !!!!!

I just adore the way my little iTTY-BiTTY bears have turned out, so of course, now I want to work all my other designs into the smaller size. So I tackled my Ellyfont design the other day......crossing my fingers that when I finished making him.......I would not lose the integrity of my original design and they still had my "whimsical look". Well, I am pleased to say my very first iTTY-BiTTY Ellyfont (above) turned out fabulous, just like my original, but in a tiny size :)
I have her for sale on ebay right now .... 3-day auction style with no reserve. Just click on my ebay button on the sidebar of my blog or my ebay id is "paintmeadream". I have lots of pictures so be sure to take a peek when you get a chance or perhaps consider a bid. which other design should I shrink?!

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Alba Linea said...

hi there! just want to say i love the way you made your little treasures! the bears are soooo great and the little ellys too. this are my favorites. best wishes and big bear hugs!