Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Come Smaller always says ...CUTE?!

Isn't kinda weird that when we see something in a smaller size, after we've seen it in a larger size..... the first word that comes to mind is..... CUTE! Why is that? Anyhow....I wanted to share with you my smaller size version of my Zee Brah!
I made him in a little "Vintage Christmas" theme....since Christmas decorating is just around the corner....ack!I had found a box of vintage glass candlestick style christmas light bulbs while cleaning through my Mom's stuff and wondered what I could do with these.....I just love anything old and try to figure a new use for it. Well, I decided to alter the bulb a little by putting a bit of greenery, some red berries and a vintage ribbon on the inside of the cup part and then put the bulb into a vintage thread spool.... for a little make-do! I think it turned out great! I even made another one and put the bulb in a vintage wooden shoe mold! I'll have to take pictures and share that soon.

Anyway.....I have this little version of my Zee Brah on Ebay right now in case you want to see tons more pics and descriptions!


Zhanna said...

Zee Brah is so amazing! I adore the way u make them look so vintage, not over the top but still so worn n loved :) Good luck!

VALERIE said...


vivian said...

Oh my god.. whendi! I want that baby and the little light bulb too! how adorable! your creations are just so freaken awesome...... they make me squeal with delight!
just ask my husband.

Bramblewood Bears said...

I have to say I fall in love with every single creation of yours! Such whimsy and uniqueness in each personality. Zee Brah would be so 'cute' no matter what size he is!!
Blessings and Bear Hugs,
Bramblewood Bears

Anita said...

ADORABLE is the word that comes to my mind! Great idea for the vintage light...I love those old lights and most of my Santas end up holding or wearing one.

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

HI Wendy! love your work, care to exchange blogs? yes tinies are cuter!! have a great HALLOWEEN! robin