Monday, August 17, 2009


I went to a fabulous antique show over the weekend and found lots of vintage goodies that I will share soon. But first, I had to show you what I made from some of my awesome halloween witch bear!

I found this vintage buggy blanket that was made from this wonderful old black nubby sparse type fabric . Thinking outside the box, I knew this material would make for some wonderful bears, ellyfonts and other whimisical pieces! Next, I found this gorgeous black & cream victorian era trim.......yup, you got it.....a perfect halloween trim :) (and the mustard color fabric I used for the collar & trim was from vintage cloth napkins too!

I made this guy in my very rare extreme jumbo 18" size and he is soooooo old & frumpy looking! I am offering him on ebay right now as a one day auction with no just click on my ebay link to see lots more pictures and details.....

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vivian said...

he is so wonderful! I just dug out my bin of old mohair and was trying to decide if I wanted to dye some black for exactly what you made, an old looking black halloween bear! still havent decided. Ive been playing with a new pattern that I made, but it needs a little tweaking, I think I want longer feet. well, we'll see what I end up with sometime between now and halloween!
In anycase.. I dont even need to tell you how much I love your bear. cause I'm sure you know that all ready!