Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A Before & After project I thought I would share....perhaps it will get you inspired to do one of your own :)

I have had this vintage clown doll for a couple years now...he/she has this fantastic composition head & arms with a very delicate straw filled body and felt legs. I always knew that someday I would give him a new outfit and so I finally got inspired to get started on a little "creative altered" makeover.

Well, I loved the doll but not the clothes ...even if by chance they were the original....I still didn't care because I hated the clothing....that nasty green & orange felt outfit just doesn't make for a cute old clown......especially when the colors are more shabby chic pinks & creams.


Sooooooo here is what I did......I started by ripping the old clothes off and discarding them in the trash. I just had the naked doll as my canvas. I gathered up lots of vintage trims, fabrics and dolly clothes.....sorting them out by color.....I was going for vintage pinks & creams.....trying to get ideas as to what I was going to end up, of course, had to be a clown theme outfit fave!

I had this wonderful vintage dolly top that fit him perfect. It has these gorgeous lace ruffled sleeves.....that was my base. Then I found a sleeveless sheer pink dolly dress that would fit but I didn't want to put just the dress I did a bit of altering on the dress.

I removed the collar, added vintage striped cotton fabric strips to trim the bottom of the dress. Then I altered the bottom of the dress into pants. Added vintage cloth covered buttons to the sides of the cuffs on the pant legs. Then, I made a little clown ruff with the same striped fabric and stitched it to the neck of the dress. I then added vintage cotton pink pom poms to the toes. I tied a piece of vintage pink silk ribbon around the neck...then added a tiny vintage chipped pinkish jingle bell to the front......and here she is AFTER !!!

Just the most darling little clown doll ever! So don't be afraid to try a little bit of a makeover on something that you like ....but that it could use just a little bit more to make it something you REALLY like!
Have fun with your creativity!


vivian said...

he turned out perfectly YOU!! and he looks great with his little friends!

Inn Country said...

I really love the way the vintage clown doll turned out. I would really love to own one of your bears. Do you post internationally (Australia) I love all your work. Have a beautiful Evening Lisa.

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Wendy! Your makeover is wonderful! Just one more thing to add to my list, lol!

Hope you're doing well ~ been thinking about you. :)