Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

I wish you a Happy, Healthy & Safe 4th of July Holiday celebration! We here at the 'Whendi Bear Homestead', will be keeping it low key this year. Perhaps I will be able to even take in a nice trail ride this weekend if the weather cooperates.
Here is my Missy Cat taking a nap on the porch chair. I just finished recovering the seat with a fresh piece of fabric! It's actually a tiny navy&cream check homespun fabric but my camera phone makes it look weird. It goes nicely with my faded star quilt pillow I made many years ago.
Here is a picture of my side entrance to my house....which we really use as the Main entrance all the time since it's closest to the driveway and garage. Funny how alot of people don't actually USE the main entrance of their houses ... seems many of us use the side or back entrances for everyday living :) .... Curious to you use the main entrance or the side (back) entrance ????

My neighbor gave me the old tin pail.....they know how much I love to collect old things :) I, of course, didn't refuse the gift and immediately filled it with fake greenery and vintage parade flags! I love fake greenery, it's like, one less pot to I need another chore! I found an old chippy painted porch post kicking around and put another vintage parade flag in the hole at the top to give the display a little height.

And of course, Fat Stewie needed to try out the new spot as well :)
Enjoy your holiday!


PTCRUZ said...

you have free patterns about 4th of July in the blog

I hope you "loves" its

(I'm sorry for my english)

happy 4th of july for you

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

we use the main entrance to our house. I love your kittys!!! they look so cute on your little chair..:)

vivian said...

front door.. main entrance.. the back door is usually blocked by some toolbox or something of my sons, because thats where I let him keep his junk!
have a happy week!

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Happy Independence to all!