Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trying to Cope - Mood Art

I just haven't been myself these past few weeks. Not really feeling much like working on my normal whimsy characters. My mind has been very unsettled and my heart saddened. I don't usually write much of my personal life on my blog, but I think I just need the feeling of solace.

It's my Mom.....she has been in poor health for a good couple years now. She has numerous health problems, she was forced to succumb to a wheelchair a few years back because they had to amputate both legs and a few fingers from a progressive disease called, Raynaud's. It strikes your circulatory system which makes it so that your blood does not flow to your extremities and they eventually die. It also slowly attacks your organs which has weakend her heart over the years.....and now the doctors believe she is in stage D Congestive Heart Failure. She is only 67, was always full of life & very active, before the disease took over. She will most likely have to go to the hospital next week so they can start the process of draining all the fluids she is retaining so badly. She can't breathe either and she is already on oxygen at home too. So her health is rapidly declining.
So I am trying to cope.
There is actually a thing called "Mood Art"..... where a work of art is generated by the artists' state of mind or feelings. I think this piece I am working on today interprets my mood. I had all the parts & pieces lying around my studio and I pulled them all together little by little..... And now after I see the pictures.....I think I want it to be "HOPE" instead of "DREAM" and add some type of old paper angel wings....... I want to give it to Mom.


vivian said...

Im sorry youre feeling badly Whendi, but I can certainly understand why. I'll pray for you and your mom. I'm having a rough day too. though not for anything nearly as serious as you. I think if youre going to give that wonderful piece of art to your mom, it should say LOVE.
Maybe you would be inspired to make something in honor of your mother.. maybe a juraf and her baby! or an elephant and her baby!.. or a pug and pug puppy!

Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

I love your work, I love your blog and I am simply want you to consider your self hugged.

Nancy said...

Hi Wendy...Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your Moms' illness. It is so hard to see your parents health decline. My heart is hopeful for you and your Mom...

Your little piece is wonderful and sweet...a lovely present for your Mom.

I will keep you in my prayers...take care,
Hugs, Nancy

PG said...

Oh Whendi, so sorry to hear this. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending warm hugs from the UK.

Totally Timmy said...

So sorry you are feeling so down. I know how you feel. I lost my mom at only 64yrs old after years of ups and downs. Hopefully they will be able to make her comfortable while she is in the hospital.
Hugs to you from Canada.

Joanna Thomas said...

So sorry to hear of your Mother Whendi. I also have Raynaud's so I understand a bit of what you described with your Mother. I will keep you both in my prayers.
I so adore your work and happy to see you're still creating even in a blue mood. It heals the soul I think to create~

Lana said...

Dear Wendy ~ you and your mom and your family are in my prayers.
(((BIG HUG))),


Hi Wendy...I just dropped in for a look see and its a wonderful piece of work for your mum. Its a difficult time but you and mum will feel better once she is getting her treatment to make her comfortable.
Hope for you and mum in having better days soon. hugs and smiles Michelle

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

Sorry to hear about Mom, Wendy. It's not an easy thing to deal with.You're both in our thoughts.


Lorraine said...

Wendy, I'm so sorry about your mom...please know that she is in my thoughts and prayers..hugs to you!!

Wendy Wintersgill said...

Dear Wendy I almost lost my mum a year ago,she has a sick heart!I looked after her while she recouperated,shes still with us.I also look after my mum-in law she is 95 and her heart is failing!She is a sweety.I thought it was brave of you to share your thoughts and feelings about you and your mum,its amazing how much love and courage we can get from dear people around us;many say my bears look sadder right now,and your thoughtful piece will be so loved by your mum,you will feel so good sharing it with her,I have learned to stay in the moments no matter what is so important,those moments are our deepest memories for later,the times that really are what life is about.I pray wendy you and your mum can have some close and warm times ahead,even though it takes much courage,your love for her will help you,its amazing how encouraged they leave us.That is so healing.Take a little time to rest and regroup,I think your one of the most talented bear artists I know,I made a special bear I took to work on at the hospital while mum was sleeping,a memory of the occasion.Maybe you can create a bear in your mums honor,name it after her,you can both enjoy seeing it come together.I wish you and your mum enough.........LOVE & COURAGE.May GOD bless you wendy from barkerbears

Wendy said...

Thank you so much ladies for all your kind words...I truly appreciate it!