Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary & New Smaller JURAF!

Today, me & my husband celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.....WOW! It's been a fabulous ride so much like riding a roller coaster, don't ya think? Lots of ups & downs.

So here's to all you wonderful couples riding that same roller coaster with us......Happy Anniversay to you all! And I wish you all the best, that you may reach the goals you strive for and that all your dreams come true :)


I just finished up a new SMALLER size Juraf and have him listed on ebay right now as a 3-day auction...ending this on the ebay button on my sidebar to see more details... He is my 10" size body with the long neck head making him a 12" Tall guy......I even gave him vintage old chippy painted childs toy beads!
Boy, he just fits right in with antique toys!


vivian said...

happy anniversary Whendi! I hope you do something fun to celebrate.. were on number 28... We dont celebrate much anymore.. but we should!
love the juraf of course! have a happy and creative weekend!

peggy gatto said...

OH MY! he is dear!!!!
Happy 21!!!!!!

Kelly Lish said...

I'm in love with your dolls-they melt my heart-truely. So glad I found your blog!