Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting for Spring.........

You see....where I live.....it's still really cold and I have alot of snow yet to melt ...yuk! We are in a bit of a cold snap with temps only reaching 40 and nights are frigid. Even though most of you guys are enjoying the "real" spring, you know, grass is growing, flowers are coming up (sigh) ..... it takes us about mid May before we experience anything like that.

And since I'm a baby about riding in the cold weather......we sit and wait.....the tack is ready just waiting.

Although the boys could care less! They would rather just hang around and be lazy, than to get saddled and worked a bit. We don't show horses anymore so they got it real easy!
My daughter is itching to get out and ride Cody (the palomino [blonde] horse)....but he got into a bit of a fight with Jack on Friday. He injured is back hock where he has been limping for a few days....I've got him on meds and keeping an eye on him because I lost a horse from a leg injury...... that's one of the reasons I don't board my horses anymore....but I won't bore you with the nasty details of that incident. Anyhow......as soon as the weather brakes and everybody is healthy enough to ride.....I will be posting some of that fun :)
Enjoy your day!
p.s. So far no signs of the tumor returning on Jack....... thank you everybody who has been inquirying about him :) He very much appreciates it! He is such a sweetie....he is the big baby of the three.....loves to be hugged and pampered....but scared of his own shadow :0


Totally Timmy said...

It's still freezing here too so don't feel so bad!

Nancy said...

Got a foot of snow Saturday night...I feel your pain!!

The horses look so pretty out in the trees. Love them!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Wendy!
I think you need to make a Mohair 'Jack' on a pull cart.....
I am glad he is doing good~ we are enjoying SNOW ourselves today!!! Our first of 09 and we really need the wet~ sposed to be back in 60s day after tomorrow, so my boys will all be out in the mud having fun while it lasts. Have a great weekend!
xoxoxo rachael