Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Sailor Bear......

I'm so excited to offer this fantastic old sailor style bear ! He really came out great! It is really hard for me to part with this guy......I found this wonderful vintage sailor style red dolly top and thought it would be perfect for an old brown color bear to wear. The top had ugly white buttons so I removed the old ones and put on these vintage old cloth covered round buttons....soooo much nicer :) . I also wanted to make this guy special so I gave him one of my antique campaign rosette ribbons and a vintage metal military button in the center......... he came together so nice if he was made about 75 years ago :)
He is available for sale on is a 3-day auction and will end this Monday.
Shhhhh......I'm actually taking a day off of work......Tomorrow is my friends annual "Sick Of Winter" party held outside on the shores of Oneida Lake....brrrrrr.... lots of food, drinks and people (and a giant fire to keep us warm...if the drinks don't...haha) .....It's a time to catch up with old friends because most of us don't see eachother very often during winter. It is also a chance to sample each of our homemade wines and other various cocktails. You see, there are about 10 couples that make our own would be surprised at how different each one tastes, even though we start out the same time of year an get the same batch of grape juice to start! Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you do. Perhaps I'll even get a few pictures to share :) Cheers!

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Cabin Creek Farm said...

HE is stunning! I love them all.