Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something to Make you SMILE!

I just finished up a new very kewl piece in the studio just got to chuckle and smile at this fun & whimsical piece! I love it! And if you are into the funky vintage toys then you will too :)

I have been so inspired lately by old antique toys and making new uses for things people no longer charish. I guess you can call this one of my trash-to-treasure creations!

I sometimes have an eye for seeing something totally new and unique, using something old and no longer wanted. This was just the piece!!! I saw this vintage character wire armature doll while out at the antique shops during a trip to Saratoga Springs NY for a softball tournament my daughter had. (I always try to visit antique shops whenever I am out of's like the highlight of the trip!)

Anyhow, I saw this piece amongst some vintage toys and dolls and totally loved the old colors and funky fun....I immediately thought...."WOW, I could make a new head for this piece and it would be soooo unique".....

Here is what it looked like before I altered it....

I was guessing that it might be a vintage Minnie Mouse doll (without the ears)...cuz of the shoes, dress and black mouse-like head....the top of the head had two holes right where a couple ears would be placed....but I had no idea what it was .....didn't care...loved the colors, textiles and body anyway.......brought it home.....and this was my new altered creation I came up with..............

I just love the way this ellyfont gal came out! I made her a black mohair head and attached it to the body with a wobble joint. I tried to leave the piece as original as possible but still making it my own with the ellyfont head.............she is totally posable because she is armature wired and I didn't even have to age the piece...all her textiles were naturally aged already!

She is listed on ebay in case you want more details and pictures.


Sam I Am said...

Hi Wendy!!
I've chosen you to receive the "Brilliant' award..Stop by my blog to pick it up :)

Michelle said...

I also gave you the same award! cause all your creations always bring out the little kid in me and make me "smile"!

Wendy said...

Thank you Girls!!!! :)
I soooo very much appreciate this wonderful award!!! And I got two.....I feel so honored !
I'm glad I can bring joy and happiness, in this sometimes miserable world. :)

Rachael Kinnison said...

Wendy she is SO C*U*T*E! MUCH better than the original! I just love your elly fonts ;)