Monday, July 14, 2008

Old Friend

Introducing Little Old Blooh...............Oh My! How adorable this little old blooh bear turned out...I just finished him up in the studio and I absolutely love the way this guy turned out. He is oh so soft and frumpy....looks like he was an old friend from the past! I have not made a bear in quite some time...I was stuck in the ellyfont & dawg mode for a bit and needed a break :)
I have had this little vintage childs shoe box for a long time.....never knowing what to do with it but knew I would find the perfect bear to put with it someday.....and this is the perfect little guy for it! :) Plus, I dug out this tiny vintage dolly sweater and it was just the right fit and he looked awesome wearing it too.....sometimes things just seem to come together better than what you first had anticipated!
He has been listed on ebay in case you want to see alot more pictures of this guy......


Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

I love your handcrafted stuffed art! Your bears have that much loved look!
As a retired bear maker (due to carpal tunnel), viewing your animals was so much fun!
I'll be back to visit often!

Debby at Romancing The Bling said...

I hope you don't mind, but I have added your blog to mine.
I invite you to view my new blog.

vivian said...

whendi... he is bluetiful!! hee hee! I just cut out a miniature bear pattern in blue.. only its a darker blue. you make me think about distressing it!
Your daughter also looks beautiful in her ball gown with her handsome young date!
have a great week!!

Shari Kraft said...

I LOVE this bear!!!