Monday, June 16, 2008

A Little Weekend Down Time

It was a weekend to spend time with my boys, my dad & mom, my daughter (the other was in Niagara Falls playing softball) and myself for some stawberry picking :) ----
Note: this has got to be my biggest post yet.....lots of photos...lots to stay with me here ;)

Here are the boys.....Jack (aka. Jackster)....Garret (aka Gare-Bare)...Cody(aka Cody Boy)

What a weekend! The weather was perfect (a bit hot, but all sunshine on sunday).... thought I would share a bit of 'the boys' with you. Here they are having Sunday Breakfast on my backyard lawn......I don't have any green grass pasture for them to graze in so every chance I get, I'll just let them out to graze in the yard.

Here is Baby Jack

Here is Mr. Cody Boy
Actually caught Garret itching his face with his hoof! Too Funny! They sure do have flexibility but try to ask them when you are in the riding ring....argh....they are like, riiiiight you want me to do what?? :)

And finally Mr. Garret..... by the way, he is the king of the little herd. He was not happy when I chose to ride baby Jack for the trail ride today.....all that frantic pacing and very loud whinneys while me & my daughter left the barn .... but after he saw that he would have had to actually workout a bit....well, needless to say he calmed right down and I think he actually was laughing at the other boys...probably something like "na na na na na, I don't have to work today :) "

Love how these 2 pictures came out of Garret!

The 3 musketeers ...

Brought my camera along on the trail ride to see if I would be able to get some pictures...but because there were soooooo many deer flies attacking us and the horses ....they were totally frustrated and too jumpy to get much of any pictures. Perhaps next time when the flies are not so bad.

Here is my oldest daughter, Kaylee... she tried to run away when I was trying to take a picture of her while sitting on my horse... I'll get her next time ..hehe.. My view from the top of my horse, Jack.....he was not in the mood for my picture taking....but the trailride was nice anyhow....


I even did a little stawberry picking at our local farm....YUMMY!


Went to my Mom & Dad's house on know, cuz it was Father's Day. I had to go and give my Daddy-O some fresh picked strawberries :) --- it was an enjoyable time just sitting around with them going through some old photographs and vintage jewelry........of course, they gave me gobs of information about each piece of jewerly and every photo......I tried to talk them into jotting down those little short stories and tidbits into a journal ...well, you can guess the look I got about that.....perhaps I will just show up someday with an old tape recorder and just revisit all those old photos and jewelry with them again.....and then I will have all those treasured stories to pass along to the next generation :) Happy Father's Day Dad!

Here is my baby dad and my grandfather

What a handsome little chap he was back in the day....

My Dad....a little James Deanish don't you think?

My Dad.....I think he looks alot like Conan O'Brien here....don't you? :)

And of course, my beautiful Mom......dig those sunglasses Mom :0

My Mom & Dad...ooooh la la....and the best is yet to come Mom & Dad! Love ya always...your brat, wendy


And lastly......WAAAAA HOOOO... My daughter's team were CHAMPIONS at the tournament in Niagara Falls this weekend!!!!! OMG...they were undefeated....they had to play 7 games and in order to win and they took all of the games ......... walked away with this giant almost 5 foot tall trophy!!! Nice job girls....I'm soooo proud of you.

My standing in the middle right behind the giant trophy :)

and here she is getting her trophy from the head coach :)


Nancy said...

Hi Wendy...Love your beautiful. If I lived in the country, horses would be in my backyard too! I love them...

Your Mom and Dad look like a wonderful couple...

I can't believe that school is almost finished for another year...the time goes so quickly!

Thanks for sharing...Have a great week.

Hugs, Nancy

Rachael Kinnison said...

LOVE this post Wendy! I could read pages and pages more too~ always love getting to see what you are up to~ the boys are big & healthy....your girls are beautiful~ All looks right & how it should be in Wendy's World!!

vivian said...

hi Whendi,
your horses are beautiful. what a nice way to spend an afternoon. I love horses, though Im a bit nervous near them. I have quite a few friends with horses.. but I usually keep my distance! sad but true.
I live fairly close to niagara falls? do you?
DOnt know if you would be interested or not, but I'm hosting a pinkeep swap.. you can check my blog for details if your interested.. or if not, just stop by to say hi!
have a sweet night!