Thursday, April 24, 2008

Iron Chef Meagher ....HA !

Well my gal-pals in The Eclectic Artisans group convinced me to blog about my 'mishap' to the world ..... this is what I call "my idiotisms" (is that a word?) ......and yes, we all have them on occasion...mine just seem to be more often than others.

My Tuesday started out just like any other day...boring yet see I gave my husband a brand new set of kitchen knives for his birthday last week and I have been dying to try them out.......well, in a nutshell this is how I posted to my gal-pals what happened to me:

Oh dear god....the dang finger finally stopped bleeding. This is what happened: saw leftover meat in frig, thought of dog instead of trashcan, spied new knives, got cocky and thought..kewl..I'm a real chef, cut finger, pain, cried, cursed, bandaged with wads of papertowels and sports wrap tape, debate doc or no doc, nawwwwww, said if after my horse chores the blood didn't seep thru bandage...I'm good. Saw no blood thru bandage, chores VERY hard with 1 friggin hand, went to work, pain, throb, miserable, check on finger 6 hrs later, took massive bandage off........RE-RIPPED OPEN the wound!!!! WAAAAAA, blood, pain, cried, cursed, debate doc or no doc, ran finger under cold water for 20 mins and almost passed out lightheaded, finger went numb from cold, held over head for 1 hr, dried blood all over finger but stopped, didn't want to put another bandage on, soooo I left it all ugly with blood, had to pickup daughter and take to Dicks for new track shoes, went with bloody finger and lots of stares! Who cares, it stopped bleeding! Lady comes over to me and says in store, "would you like a bandaid?", I chuckled and said "oh no thank you, they only make it worse".....strange look from lady shaking head as she is walking away... :0 , got cleats, went home and cleaned up finger gingerly, announced to hubby (holding up finger) that I am not a chef and would need him to cook all dinners from now on !!!!!!

You guessed it.....I almost whacked my finger off!! See picture of "REAL CHEF" above and how I was suppose to TUCK my fingertips over and down. Hmmmmm, you know next time I try out those fancy shmancy (and SHARP) knives ......fingers down baby!


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

I am so glad you didn't post an actual pic of your finger! Sorry for your pain, but thanks for the laughs!


Bluejean Primitives said...

I'm so sorry about your finger!!!!! But this post has me laughing still! You are such a clever writer..... and I bet every single bit of it is true on!

Huggles, Jean :)

Nancy said...

Oh sorry you had to bleed to make a point!! Much more fun watching someone else do dinner anyway! Hope you heal soon.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Kim said...

Ugg, I just cringe at the sight of blood. I hope your wound is healing nicely. I can feel your pain, as I've done the same thing. Remember Wendy, curl in those finger tips! Thanks for sharing the chuckles :)


Doreen said... is the dinner prep going with your huband Wendy?

So sorry about your finger but thanks for sharing.

Have a great day,

Michelle said...

it's even worse with dull knives!!!

hope you are ok! Do you need stitches?

ZanyMayd said...

Oh My Wendy, You need all your fingers..... Good way to get Hubby to cook all the time..... Fingers needed for Sewing all your Little Wonders ~

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thank HEAVENS I kept reading! Ohh poor Wendy you silly girl! I thought you were going to say~ 'I cant sew any more because the DOG ATE MY FINGER. I hope it is healing up good~ watch it ever day to make sure it doesnt get infected! GOOD GOLLY!