Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Prom ....

and probably 3 more to go!!! Help !!!
(This was taken in front of my house)

(This was taken at one of her friends houses....aaahhhh aren't they just so beautiful...YOUTH! )

How they grow up! Just last year she did her 8th grade dance and this year she was asked to attend the prom with one of her friends (which happens to be in the 11th grade....she happens to have alot of older friends now because she is on the varsity school sports teams).....I almost didn't let her go ..... but she went with a bunch of friends and they all had a great time! I don't want to be called a "helicopter parent" but it's hard not to be that protecting parent...just hope that I have taught them 'right from wrong' and they make the correct choices.

And here is older sister....shorty :) ...... making sure she sees her baby sister off. My oldest was asked to go to the Ball! Which is the end of May......oh dear Jesus, give me strength!!!!


Nancy said...

Oh Wendy...your daughter looks so lovely. Glad she had fun...they do grow up so fast...my "babies" are 32 and 30yrs old. They are boys (men, I think) now and I worry about them now as much as I did when they were younger...I don't think we ever stop being mothers...much to their dismay sometimes!!

Hugs, Nancy

lille-bille said...

Hello Wendy,
I was on Susannes Website (die aus dem Koffer) and found your linked website. Your bear, elyfont and other creations are really gorgeous. I´m also a bear artist from germany. Maybe you know my bears MiraBears (www.mirabaer.de)! Than I found the link to your blog on your site. And I must say, I´m also a blogger, but in my blog, my bears don´t play any role! Here my home plays the mager role... and my cats, my music taste and blogs from other shabby-friends. Your doughters look both beautiful and I adore your boston terrier. Maybe you will find the time to visit my blog belle-blac. wish you a nice day, greetings Mira from Germany!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

She's gorgeous Wendy! Love that color green! Hope she had fun and hope your finger is healing fast!


vivian said...

Hi Wendy, your girls are lovely! I just got done with proms about two years ago, after having 4 kids and 16 prom opportunities! thank God they didnt go to all of them, I'd be totally broke! they're so expensive! Girls are way more expensive then boys.. but its fun shopping for dresses and shoes and matching hand bags... getting hair done.. etc etc..
Its scarey sending them out into the world. You do have to trust that youve taught them well, and Pray alot!!!!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Im wishing it for you too! Both your girls are so gorgeous Wendy~ they look so much like you. My oldest will be 13 this dec and she is allready as tall as me......how exactly are we supposed to 'be mom' from down below Im wondering? Hope your finger is better too!

Bluejean Primitives said...

BREATH MOM! lol It's ok!

As cute as she is, she's going to be going to many dances!

... and that dress is amazing! Blondes sure wear that green well don't they?

Jean :)