Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Good Day

You know you had a good day of riding when your entire body is screaming PAIN! I spent most of my Mother's Day on the back of my horse and it was wonderful. Did some schooling and then off to some trails in the woods and then ran like the wind in some open fields. I was riding my favorite boy "Garrett". He is a beautiful red roan quarterhorse, pictured far right. He was a team penning horse before I got him so let's say he has ALOT of spunk when you ask for it!

I also spent much needed time to groom the boys.....lots of brushing, trimming and shaving....boy do they all look so handsome now! (In case you were wondering, I have 3 geldings and I refer to them as my boys.)

I was able to get a picture of a couple of geese that have been spending some time at our pond.

Along with another view of the pond and the barn in the background.

It was a great day for me. I hope everybody had a great Mother's Day spending time doing something that you enjoy!


Lana said...

Wendy, I'm so glad you got to "get away" for a little while. Sometimes we need that bit of ME time to refresh and regroup.

Have a beautiful day!

Suzanne said...

Wendy, Sounds like you had a perfect day for riding and spending a beautiful day outside. Glad you were able to spend time with your "boys"!


Dana said...

Wendy, I envy the time you were able to spend on/with your horses!!! We have no place safe to ride here ... but we couldn't anyway because our one horse is a spit-fire and we're too inexperienced to ride her. She can read us like a book and takes off ... she's so sweet and handles nicely ... when we're on the ground. *sigh* And we just may have to find new homes for the pair since we're thinking of moving into town. But I've always wanted to ride ... LOL ... guess I should have taken some lessons first.

Have a great day!