Thursday, May 17, 2007

Does Anybody Know?

I'm in need of some help or advice? 2 nights ago, I rescued a wee little baby chipmunk that my cat brought home to me in her mouth. OH DEAR! Much to my surprise the little guy was still alive! So the "animal lover angel sitting on my shoulder" says to me, "Wendy, you have to try to save this little wee babe so that he can be set free when he is better"...... Soooo, I have him in a box with a heating pad on the bottom , layered with towels so he can burrow and stay warm.

I have no idea what to feed the little one because I think that he was still being weaned by his mama. I put some speckles of grain and bread pieces with a lid filled with water in his box. I'm not sure if he is drinking either.

It also appears that one of his back legs is injured because when he moves he drags it behind.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to care for this cute little creature??


Pfatt Group said...

I can only think of getting ahold of PAWS I know they rescue wildlife as well.maybe they can help or still try to feed it baby milk through a syrenge at least you could try to keep it nourished. Hmm. I will pray for the little guy!!!


~love said...

i don't know how i stumbled upon your blog tonight...but i was compelled by this post. i found an orphaned squirrel in college and mothered him until a wildlife rescue agency could take him.
here's an awesome link that will tell you just what your chipmunk needs:

good luck! =)

Annie said...

I want him!!!!!

Sam I Am said...

Yep..I'd locate your local or nearest wildlife rehabilitator.. check with your local shelter..they should have names of such volunteers and get him to one asap!
Good luck..and let us know how it all turns out :)

the magpie said...

How's the baby doing? :) We rescued a little squirrel several years feed him puppy formula with a syringe (I think)...keep us posted!!