Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bleacher Butt Again!

The season is in full swing for my oldest daughter. Last night was another lacrosse game and another night of bleacher butt! I keep telling myself I'm going to get one of those seat cushions someday because I'm getting too old to sit on cold metal bleachers every night. The girls did good but couldn't take the lead and lost the game.

My youngest daughter had a softball game going on at the same time but I couldn't be there to watch....if only I had a clone! She was the pitcher this game and I got the whole scoop later. She plays for the girls JV team and she is not even in high school yet.....another proud moment for Mom! Both of my kids are so very talented athletes....I know.....I have diarrea of the mouth.....blah,blah,blah....gotta another game tonight...


Suzanne said...

Hi Wendy~

I love your blog template!

So sorry to hear about your "problem". Those cushion things work really well! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Whendi,
You are such a find! Thank-you for stopping by Robin Sherwood frecklefarm.I love this blog. And your stuffed animal creations are just divine. Such originality. I had a stuffed elephant when I was small. And I swear it looks just like your little vintage elephant doll. I have added you to my blogging sisters list. Thank-you so much for adding me to your list.
Welcome. I am so glad we are linked
I can't wait to read more of your entires into your journal.
Congratulations on your daughters' wins'.

Anonymous said...

I will spell your name "Wendy" next time