Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Antique Vanity fit for a shabby-chic Princess....

who is heading off to college in a few days.  
Mind you, this is the second antique vanity that I have given new life to.  The first antique vanity I never took before or after photos and it now belongs to one of my daughters(who will also take hers to college).....and now this antique vanity.  I remembered to do before and after photos so I could share.  This one now belongs to my other daughter....and she is taking it with her to college as well. (They both live off campus now..otherwise these would never have fit in a dorm room)  

my little helper

I actually picked up both antique vanities pretty cheap while scouring craigslist for weeks until I finally found 2!  You see both of my daughters are only about a year apart and it has been pretty much like having twins for the last 19 years...gotta get 2 of everything! 

They both really wanted shabby chic old feminine vanity sets.....not the new modern ones but the old antique kind like these.  (They are actually getting into the love of antiques & old stuff like me......LOL!!) 

 They both wanted them painted white with a little bit of distressing...not alot....they still are not quite into the really old chippy looking things YET.....hahahaha !

So I made my own chalk paint in an off creamy white and did just a tiny bit of distressing on this piece...and the best part is that she totally loves it!  I'm happy , they are happy and they both now have beautiful antique pieces of furniture to keep and pass down to their kids someday ;)

So if you have a little shabby-chic princess....you may want to find an antique vanity that nobody wants (try your local craigslistings)  and give it a little paint.....I bet your daughter would adore having one of these oldies....they just don't make them like these anymore! 

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Wish You Were Here said...

It's lovely, Whendi! Your daughters are very blessed to have such a creative Mom! xxxx Janice