Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitchen Facelift - Part 2

(BEFORE) large antique wood cabinet - we took the big 50" doors off to use for our other kitchen project built-in food pantry......

Finally, my kitchen facelift is 99% complete .... Hooray!
Thought I would share one of the last projects we worked on.  I wanted a "country kitchen" open shelf type cabinet with a plate rack to put on the wall where there are no existing cabinets and was an odd part of the kitchen where the ceilings were not the same height and was close to the entryway of the house and beginning of the kitchen.

So we took an antique wood cabinet I had been using as my "food pantry" for years but now have no use for it because we made a built in food pantry (show that project in next blog post) ..... sooooooo, I talked my husband into recycling the cabinet and making it into my open country cabinet plate rack.    I LOVE to repurpose old items ....
My husband agreed and gave it a go..... I tried to remind my husband to take pictures of his progress so we could share it.....   So here are some of those pictures of the cabinet repurposed..... 

He cut down the cabinet to just 2 shelving units.... this is approx 3 feet tall now....that was as big as I could put on the wall........  He took out the middle wood piece and put it on the bottom shelf.  Had to purchase some new wood for the middle shelf piece.

Then he added a new wood backing but ended up putting bead board on the inside back (not shown).  Like I said he wasn't really good about taking pictures of his progress ;)
Added the dowels to the bottom shelf section for the plates...holds 18 plates.
Painted the inside the vanilla bean cream color that matches the island...and the exterior my old red color.

And here is the finished piece..... I really love the look it adds to the kitchen.  I will have to take a picture of the whole kitchen to show you the overall project.

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janzi said...

How simply wonderful that looked and so clever of you to think of it.. I am amazed by all the great ideas that blogland people have... its amazing indeed, and your project is fantastic cant wait to see the rest of the changes to your kitchen!! hugs from across the pond..j