Friday, March 16, 2012

My Kitchen Facelift

I can't tell you how long I have been wanting to remodel my kitchen.  It is the only room in the house that has not been remodeled with up to date cabinetry, etc.  My cabinets & countertops are 23 years old.  We went out looking at new cabinetry....but after a getting STICKER SHOCK on the prices of what all this new stuff would cost.....I decided to do a little (what I am calling) a KITCHEN FACELIFT on a budget (UNDER $500) get a fresh new looking kitchen and hopefully many more years of use before a real kitchen remodel.......

This is what the kitchen looked like before.....which I liked but it was tired and I was tired of it too ....and our frig was in another spot located across from the cabinets in the wall as shown here in the before......  
now the after....

Newly Painted Cabinets and frig location

We turned the kitchen island around and centered it in the middle  -  $0 - it opened the kitchen right up so now you can walk or sit/stand all the way around....
We cut it down a little because it was too long (still need to trim that end) - $0
We added wainscot, tim and a new bottom cabinet to the island - $55
painted the island a vanilla bean color - $20  gallon paint lots o leftovers there
Painted all the existing cabinets an old red color - $35 gallon paint
Painted my one green wall to the red color and painted my entry way green walls the red (not shown but will take pics) - $0 used the red paint from cabinets
Moved  the refrigerator to the other side of the kitchen - $0  (husband is an electrician so no $$ for wiring)  WISH THE FRIG WAS BLACK...
Bought new cabinet for over the frig 20% off unfinished - $45
painted existing stools (still have 2 more to paint) $0
Turned the light fixture above the island around - $0
Hung this WONDERFUL french country antique door/shutter distressed piece on the wall  LOVE IT! - $0  (had it in my basement family room)
Purchased this WONDERFUL distressed big wide farm bench to sit under it - $66 (yes I can't believe it! I got it at an antique shop during a sale....these run $250..and it is definately authentic! )
Oh...and a HUGE change was we spray painted the overhead stove fan/exhaust black - $8 ( was one of the best things and least expensive)

hmm.what else...... for the empty "hole" where the frig used to be, we are installing one of those pantry cabinet organizers and hopefully using cabinet doors from an antique cabinet I have......  When that project is done I will post the pics.....

So overall I love the kitchen .... especially for the little money we spent....just alot of time and patience ;)   

Thought I would share my kitchen facelift.......just in case anybody is thinking about a kitchen remodel but doesn't want to go out and buy all new stuff...... think about painting and re-using alot of things you already have around the house plus just a couple of unfinished "off the rack" wood cabinets at Lowes really does make a difference :)


Fun With This and That said...

It is so fun to change .I redid my kitchen awhile back .I had it so dark now it is light.
I love your bear .Idid collected bears for awhile.Now I just have a few hand made ones. I will be back just found you

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I love this! The color on those cabinets makes a huge difference. I have been wanting to do the same thing. You have given me inspiration, thank you.

Hanni said...

Wow, amazing, looks cool, love the new cabinet look and everything else. Good job.