Friday, February 24, 2012

Vintage Postcard Rabbits......

I just love the old vintage Easter postcards with the old world
 style rabbits that stand and are dressed, etc.  Which is my inspiration for my latest designs.  And with spring and Easter just around the corner these lovely rabbits are perfect for your collections.   I have two available right now on ebay....they are both hand tinted a lovely old taupey-grayish color (sooooo old & shabby looking) ..... one design is my standing on tip-toes tacked to a base because I just can't get them to stand alone.... the other design is of a new standing all alone version....  and the other

I had to cancel and relist one of the rabbits because ebay said it won't show up on the category listings because I used the exact same words for the title description.  I had to cancel (I totally apologize to my bidders) and relist the item again so that it will hopefully show up on the listings........  here is the new link

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Amanda said...

Such a lovely design!