Friday, January 20, 2012

Old English Clown Bulldog........

Oh My!  This guy turned out love the colors on this piece.  I did him in a brindle color and then the vintage linen fabrics just ended up matching him perfectly..dontcha think?!   Even the antique childs toy billiard ball is the same colors....    I made him look old & worn with tattered jumper and all.  His hat is removable too.  He is in a biggie size too.....  He is now available on Ebay as a 3-day auction style with NO RESERVE.   So when you get a chance pop over and check out all his pictures.
If you love the old & worn antique pieces...this guy is it.....


Rebecca said...

Love his expression!

Amanda said...

He is perfect.

mitekrolli said...

Hi Wendy!
Dogs, elephants, bears, and all your creations are beautiful!
I really really love your raboty.I very worried when you had gepertonichesky crisis.
I am very upset.
I apologize for my bad language angiysky.
I am very very sick.
I do not mamy.I your girls are very lucky that they have you.
I posted a blog sovem link to your blog.Nadeyus you do not mind.
I hope someday to adopt some of your wonderful creations.

I wish you and your family's health!! And Happiness!
Sincerely yours, Olya.

inga said...

Very, very good, typical dog!
Dear Wendy, I love all your teddiki, I hope someone of them settled in our house!!
Admirer of your talent, Inga.

Wendy said...

Thank you so much ladies!!