Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sharing some pieces I brought to the show last weekend.....
Well first off I would like to THANK EVERYBODY who came to the Folk Art Festival show. And those of you gals who popped over to see me at my booth.....it was lovely to meet all of you....and you all know who you are :)))) A big hug & thank you to you all!

Despite the BIG WINTER SNOW STORM we got caught in...we even lost power, which I believe the northeast coast is still without power today...I still had a very fun and fantastic weekend. I was with 2 wonderful artists this year Maureen Carroll http://yesterdayes.blogspot.com/ who makes the most outstanding beautiful antique looking gameboards and whimsical dolls. You simply must go to her website and blog and check them out....you won't be disappointed! Maureen and I were roomies and had a blast....despite the fact we woke up to no power in our hotel, and 3am fire alarms blasting away for 20 min ...because of the storm, we still managed to take it in stride.

And, by golly, the show still remained open....thanks to those crazy New Englanders, they sure don't let anything stop them from shopping the show! We totally appreciate you still coming out and shopping!!!

And the other artist is Gretta Chirco http://www.sewbeitbygreta.com/ who makes these adorable dollies! She and her sister were so upbeat and fun to be hanging out with :)

And Wendy Collins of Collins Gifts, who hosted us all. She was lovely as always :))

You simply must mark your calendar to attend next year, as word has it, the show will be HUGE. This year artists filled half the venue and next year they will be adding antique dealers to fill the other half of the building. Which will make this show extremely big and will have tons and tons of unique merchandise. So be sure to attend next year!

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