Friday, October 21, 2011


He is my first big 12" size boston terrier and his head is almost the life size. It is almost the size of my Zoey's head. After making many iTTY-BiTTY sized dogs.....this guy seems Gi-Normous to me ;) I decided not to dress this one just because I tinted him marking all around his body...perhaps the next pieces I will dress. I just gave him a vintage leather dog collar and a 1955 dog could even put your own dogs tag on him too ;)

He is now listed for sale on ebay as a 3-Day Auction Style with NO RESERVE here is the link if you want to see lots more pictures...


tollkirsche said...

Wow, he is so beautifull ! I love him !!! And he dosen´t go outside ;O))))
Sorry, my english is not so good...
viele Grüße aus Deutschland
the Babs

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

I love him!
Your creations always amaze me.

The House Of Genista said...

I absolutely love Biggy Wendy! He is amazing! Have a great day!

Old Vintage House said...

as I saw this wonderful lovely guy, I instandly felt in love with him ...!!!
my wonderful hubby has bought and adopted this so sweet boston terrier and he surprised me with him ...
ohhh, I can´t believe that he is mine now !!!!!!!!!!!
I am unbelievable happy !!!!
I will thank you, whendi for your great masterpiece and I will thank my husband to make this possible to me ...
warmest greetings from austria
a happy mina ;-.)

Old Vintage House said...

... and a funny story:
as I hold my boston in hand, kissy (my boston girl) came and her hair on the back stand up and she growl and want snap him ;-.)
ans jimmy (my boston boy) wanted to kiss him ...
thanks again, whendi
lots of love
mina ;-.)

Wendy said...

Oh Mina that is too funny ;0
Your little Kissy has given me a huge compliment indeed!

I am very happy that you were surprised to receive the boston and you like him.

I have been to your blog and it is lovely.

Thanks for sharing your story with me!