Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Recommendation

Over the past year, I have been making some lifestyle can call it more "ME" time. For example, I have been faithfully going to the gym and working out at least 3 days a week. But just recently, I decided I wanted to get back into reading books. I love reading but never found time, especially with my 24/7 job and taking care of kids when they were younger and the horses of course ;) So my book reading always had to take a backseat. Well, now that my girls are older I have more "ME" time. I am one of those people that like to read the book first before seeing the movie. To me, the books are always way better than the movie. But the way I read it would cost me a fortune if I had to buy every book. If the book is good, I can sit and read it within 2 nights. So I joined my local library and and took out some books that are suppose to become movies in the future. The first book I finsihed was "Blood Red Road" it was good, different, more si-fi....reminded me of the mad max thunderdome movie. But the next book I took out was called "Tigers Curse". Really a great read. Auther was inspired by the Twilight series and she is writing 5 books for this saga. However, these books do not have vampires ;) I am going to be reading the next book in the series....I have read all the reviews and they say it is better than book #1. Now my daughter is reading the first book and I know she will really love it. Rumor has it that this series will become a movie.....just like the twilight books thought I would recommend a good read for you , especially if you like to read the books before movies. Happy Reading!

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