Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seaside Cottage Dreamy Hound Dog

When the weather finally turns nice and summertime is just around the corner....I get inspired by light fresh colors, creamy whites and the old shabby cottage style that is sooooo popular these days. I haven't made a hound dog in awhile and wanted to make one in lighter cottage colors. I started to experiment with mixing colors and Viola! this wonderful dreamy color I will call "sandstone". I have him listed on ebay right now. Here is the link if you want to pop over and check him out


Susan said...

Hi,Whedi, he's just too wonderful.
I love the set expression of his
mouth. And of course the colors
are fabulous as always.
Warm Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

the lady loves bears said...

He is just adoreable and the colour is fabulous another wonderful creation!