Monday, May 16, 2011

I've Got My Eyes On You Baby!

Isn't she something! I met her 6 years ago before she was drivable....and fell in love with her.

She's a 1969 Volkswagon Convertible Beetle

You see, friends of ours own collector cars, and he has owned this girl since 1995. She has been stored away for 10 years before he began to work on her. Last year he finally was able to put her on the road. And I finally was able to take a ride with her the other day. She was just like a well worn comfortable pair of jeans !!! She's not quite fully restored but I don't care. My friend has been talking about selling her, he needs room in his garage for "other" toys now...... OMG the heck with the girls college fund....... I need a "BUG" fund! ...LOL.... [sigh] A girl can dream ya know.......

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