Friday, September 17, 2010

iTTY-BiTTY Vintage Shabby Old Bear & Ellyfont!

Oh My.....What a couple cuties! I just love the old vintage/shabby/cottage colors of softly aged creams and a touch of pale pink! I have done these in my new iTTY-BiTTY size and I'm really pleased at how they turned out.

I have a little decorating tip: Take an old shabby chipped up small frame, take out the inside picture and backing......hang it on your wall and then put a little tack on the wall inside the picture frame.....hang the little iTTY-BiTTY and what a FAB display you will have!

These cuties are now on ebay if you want to check them out ......they are a No reserve 3-day auction style....just click on my ebay button on the sidebar of my blog to get there.

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