Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing an iTTY-BiTTY JURAF !!!!!

OH MY! I managed to reduce my Juraf design into my new little iTTY-BiTTY size and just love how this little guy turned out! He was a challenge for me because of the details and tinting...for example, I had to change my materials for his horns. My original design I use bolts with small childs toy beads...but this size, I was not able to do that. So after spending much time searching through my studio for parts and pieces...I discovered that I could use antique boot buttons ....and I think they turned out great!
He is my very first iTTY-BiTTY Juraf and I have him for sale on ebay right now with NO RESERVE so if you want to see lots more pictures or consider a bid...then just click on my ebay button on the sidebar of my blog.
No rest for the next project is to make a piece for the upcoming PFATT MARKETPLACE update on the 10th of this month! Gotta get back to the work table......

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