Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wonderful Old Vintage/Shabby ELLYFONT!

I just finished up this most wonderful old shabby ellyfont and I'm she came out sooooo charming! She wears one of my cherished vintage dolly dresses I have been saving for quite some time now :) ..... Love the brown, old pink & cream color combinations! She totally looks & feels like an old antique elephant dolly....... she is For Sale on ebay right now in case you want to see lots more pictures. Just click on my ebay button on the sidebar in my blog, to get there.

On another note, things are getting crazy around the old 'Whendi Bear Homestead'......the big moving day has finally arrived.......we are packing up my daughter and taking her off to her first year in college this weekend! Lots of excitement, anxiety and STRESS !!!!!! Perhaps I'll get some snapshots to share ;) long as I'm not balling like a baby...LOL!

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Алена said...

I like it! Shabby ellyfont is very nice!