Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing my NEWEST iTTY-BiTTY size !!

First time ever, I made a very little bear which is only 5.5" tall.......I absolutely LOVE this little guy and how the design came I am adding this new size to my work.....and calling it my iTTY-BiTTY size :)

Here he is sitting next to my 8" teacup size...... which at the time I made that size, I thought I could never go any smaller because of my hands. But I decided to have a go at making a little smaller size bear and WOW......did he come out amazing! I hope you think so too!

I was afraid by going smaller I might lose my "Whimsical Whendi's Bears Look & Style" that is unique to me & my work...... but I think that I maintained my design even when I had to tweek the pattern to make it work for tiny sizes.

Now, this is my very first guy, so I'm not quite sure if I will be able to make 'iTTY-BiTTies' in all my other designs such as the Ellyfonts ;) .....I need to add that task to my ever growing 'To-DO" list.

He is now for sale with NO RESERVE on Ebay right is a 3-day auction and will end this coming Monday. So please do check him out, I have tons of pictures & description ......


Debora said...

I love him, Wendy! Good for you! My smallest was just under 6 inches...whoa, did that tax my eyes! I would love to try a smaller one again, but I think I'll have to really revamp things. This guy still has that Whendi's Bears look and definitely the appeal. :o)

vivian said...

NOw you are seriously killing me! the tiniest bears are my favorites. that is what I collect. How freaken perfect he is... LOVE him!

Amanda said...

He looks wonderful and still has your fab style.

Nancy said...

Oh how adorable. So very sweet Wendy! You definitely didn't lose the cuteness!!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Nancy