Monday, June 28, 2010

Graduation Day Class of 2010

This weekend was the graduation ceremony of my oldest baby. She graduated from high school and will now be going off to college this fall . I'm so very proud of all her accomplishments :)
My girls..... next year will be another graduation!

We are still getting ready for the big party.....lots of things to do yet!


Ni-Ka said...

Congratulation from me to your daughter.

Sorry, my english is not so good ! :-D


The House Of Genista said...

Congratulations to your daughter from the House Of Genista

cheryl kuhn said...

How exciting for her to begin a new chapter in her life. It is a little bittersweet for moms though to know their little baby has truly grown up and is ready to conquer the world. Please give her my congrats!

soggibottom said...

Congratulations proud Mom. x x x

paula nerhus said...

WAY TO GO MOM! we are the ones who get the kid through all this ya know!I hope you are completely wore out from the event! ...paula

Wendy said...

Thank you everybody !