Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little ToY Ellyfont

I just loved the BIG Ole Clown Circus Ellyfont I made a couple days ago......I just had to make a smaller version in my teacup size ! And he is! Everything seems soooo much cuter in a smaller size...dontcha think?!
He is very old & worn much like a real antique toy elephant :) If you love the primitive look or collect antique toys....well then, you won't be disappointed with him.
I have him available now on ebay as a NO Reserve - 1 Day auction. Just click on my ebay button and check out lots more pics & details. And yup, he is wearing my signature poker chip charm but the chip is a very small rare size :)


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Linax said...

Lovely, Lovely and one more time Lovely!!!! Thank you Wendy for your inspiration!!!