Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DOGS in NEW Smaller SIZES ...TODAY!!!

I will have these two dogs available on ebay today...... I finally found time to reduce my dog pattern into a teacup size (8") and a cabinet size (10"). They turned out so DOG-GONE cute!

Just click on the ebay button on the side to get there!


Sam said...

Your toys are beautiful, you are a very talented lady! They remind me of lost toys you discover in an attic...have you ever heard of the old bear books? They were childrens picture books from the 90's and also an animation (I think you can see them on you tube)

Best wishes
Sam x

heidi said...

Take a peek at my little boy playing in the snow this weekend!!

natalia carlota vallejos said...

very,very beautiful, eres muy creativa, cariƱos desde Argentina.

Kelly Lish said...

Oh I want one!

vivian said...

hi Whendi!
I'm on call this week for child protection services and had to do a homevisit tonight. the lady let me in and I looked over at one of her daughters and my jaw dropped open and I shreaked.. OH.. MY... GOD!..
unfortunetly I scared the woman as she thought something was wrong. but really one of her daughters was holding a 9 week old baby pug puppy. made me think of your pugs! anyways.. I had a very difficult time doing my job from that point on. the girl plopped him in my lap, and I melted!
love your little doggies!

Wendy said...

Thank you Sam...I do know that book, it's such a sweet story!

Heidi, your little boy is soooo darn cute!

Thank you Natalia & Kelly!

Oh Viv, you crack me up! I love little pug puppies :)