Saturday, November 7, 2009

SHHHH.....Sneak Peek for PFATT Update!

Hnmmm....I wonder what it is? Tee hee....Just a little sneak peek at what I will have to offer on the PFATT Marketplace this Tuesday, November 10th! It's an adorable pink (something) in a winter theme wearing a vintage dolly sweater, scarf and yes, there is a hat too!

So be sure to check out all the fabulous creations that the artists will have available on Tuesday....see you there


Anita said...

OH, YOU! HMMPH!! such a tease! Are you really going to make us wait that long? Well, you are worth it.

heidi said...

Looks cutely interesting!!
And very snug in their wooley & a hat,uummm? Roll on tuesday!! x

vivian said...

hmmm... whatcha got there Whendi?? guess we'll have to wait to see...
happy sunday!