Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing a NEW DESIGN...the Zee Brah!!!!!

I am so excited to introduce a new design...... the Zee Brah !
I have been wanting to make a Zebra for a very long since before I made the Juraf. And I finally made myself sit down and work on it until I got it completed....which took the entire weekend, no kidding! I was holed up in my studio until I emerged with this guy.....the Zee Brah version of a whimsical zebra.....what do you thing?
I definately know that it took the most time to do the stripes (other than the initial planning & drawing the pattern stages). I did the entire piece all by hand and tried to make it look very much like a zebra....right down to his stand-up mane with stripes!
He is available on ebay right now ...I have tons & tons of pictures and more details if you want to see more....just click on the ebay button..

And of course, I had to put a little twist on the spelling of his name...cuz that's my thang! He is not a plain ole Zebra...he's a Zee Brah ! tee hee...I hope you enjoy him as much as I do :) I have to get going on making another guy. And he doesn't have to be just black & white you know.....I can even do them with pink or blue stripes too!


heidi said...

oohh your zee brah is wonderful!!
you are so clever wendy,that must have been so hard to get those stripes to work?
i wonder whats next?!!!

PG said...

Really, really lovely. My heart still belongs to the giraffe , but this is a close second. :)

Cheryl ~Zany-Mayd said...

OMG ~ I Love Him.... since the Zebra is sorta My Mascot~ I am heading over to eBay right Now!


Southern Bears said...

Whendi, you have recreated our South African animals so, so beautifully. An absolute delight!

louisa said...

oooh... he's fantastic! Love his little face. He looks like my donkeys!

BlackCrow said...

Wow he is really cool, but then all your animals are!
Both you and your work are very inspiring to a beginner doll maker, thank you:)

bearlady said...

Fabulous !!

mursik said...

your zee brah is fantastik and wonderful!!