Friday, December 19, 2008


I just couldn't think of a more fitting character to wear my last pair of angel wings.....why who else, but an adorable Pink Pug, of course!

This was my last of the 2 pairs of wings I had found. I decided on a pink pug and go with a shabby pink theme. I used lots of vintage materials on this girl.

I even altered a wonderful old vintage childs dress because it had such lovely delicate lace around the collar and sleeves. I decided on a romper style and added vintage scalloped pink dot trim to the bottom of the legs.....toooo cute! I gave her an antique typewriter key with the letter "A" for Angel as well as a vintage pearl and pale pink glass ornament.

Her wings are removable too, so you can display he all year round.....just perfect with antique dollys too!

She is now on ebay in case you want to see lots more pictures and details.......her auction ends this Monday. You can click on my ebay link to take you there.


vivian said...

listen carefully...... can you hear me screaming! OMG!! I'm just so excieted about this little guy that I have tears in my eyes! one of these days I'll have to have one of your pugs.. I just dont think I can go through life with out one!!!!!!!!!
still screaming in delight... OMG!!

Wendy said...

LOL ! Your'e so funny Viv :) Thank you :)

Sam I Am said...


Merry Christmas Wendy!!!!