Friday, October 3, 2008

The Less Famous of the Whendi Bear family

I thought I would share the less "famous" characters in my know the ones...they quietly sit on your lap or snuggle at the foot of the bed and sit and watch me while I sometimes work at the kitchen table :)..... they were all strays or "Free Kittens" :0
They each come with a story:)

This is little meatball. She's tiny and round. We have had her for about 6 years now. She was a stray wild kitten when we found her living under a neighbors deck...the mama was killed by a car and the kittens were not surviving...she was the last one when we were finally able to catch her..... Over the years we have had to nuture her and gain her trust until she slowly has become somewhat like a normal cat. She surprises me everyday with her she is sitting on the table with me working....she never would have done this even last year! This fat & furry guy....I call him "Stewie" , short for Stuart....cuz he reminds me of the cat (tinkerbell) on the movie little stuart. My husband calls him Bugger because he has black markings on the tip of his nose and it always looks dirty :) --- He adopted us last summer! He just showed up one day sitting in the front yard and I fed him (I know...big no-no) but heck, he looked hungry and skinny-scrawny....... and at the time pretty grungy... his fur was all snarled and knotted and dirty. After about a week and asking around town if this cat belonged to anybody (because he was neutered, so obviously he was somebody elses cat at one time)...nobody knew about he just started living with us...he would always go out and he would always come back. We cleaned him up, put flea meds on him and now he is part of the family....been with us for over a year now! And he certainly can eat....he's quite a tubby now.

And here if my Missy cat. She has been with us the longest. She is about 8 years old....she is super smart. We took her in from a friend who has a horse barn. The barn cats were always having kittens and she was one of the kittens that needed a home. We first took 2 other kittens from her litter....but after a week, the one kitten drowned in our pool :(
My girls were little at the time and were I headed back to my friends barn and took the last kitten (Missy). After about 2 years, her brother was killed by a car :( --- you see, we live on a country road where cars fly by 80 mph! Over the years we have had 3 cats and 2 chickens killed by cars!

So here they 3 cats....they don't always get along....they will "tolerate" eachother...I don't think I could ever get a picture with all 3 in it unless I held them down....and all 3 have such totally different personalities :)


Shari Kraft said...

I have a Molly kitty too! She's a siamese. Then I have Spike. I wish I could send you a picture of them. They're like my babies!

Nancy said...

Beautiful cats, Wendy. Missy is such a pretty cat.

Thank-you for sharing!
Have a great weekend
Hugs, Nancy

Kimberly said...

You have beautiful cats. I also love your new pieces specially the pink elephant!


april said...

You have a household of cuties running around!

vivian said...

you have beautiful kittys! I think strays often make the best pets because they appreciate a good home! (just my theory..cause of course I like to think these animals are capable of thinking thoughts like we do!!)
my kitties are older.. 15 and 16. father and son.. and they just tolerate each other, and some days not to well! the older one is the alpha kittie and he makes the other one move when he wants to lie where he is lieing and to switch food bowls when he wants to eat out of his bowl! its a little funny! and the son is twice the size of his father!!
well.. have a great week!

Debbie Egizio said...

Awe, pets are the best!! Thanks for sharing these pictures of your little sweeties.

Wings and Paws Primitives said...

Hey you, thank you for sharing your pics of your "furry children" LOL!!! They are darling and I think it is great that you have adopted them into your home... Hugs, MO